Life Stories

The Durham Union Society is Durham’s oldest and largest student society. It invites speakers to participate in debates and to give lectures.

Despite for the most part hosting well attended and well received events, the Durham Union brand has limited traction with large segments of Durham’s student body. It is perceived in many corners as elitist, stuffy and lacking in diversity. Furthermore, the Union’s events and speakers are overwhelmingly from a background in public affairs whether that be politicians, commentators or academics.

Life Stories is a new initiative to break this mould.

Aimed at attracting new parts of the student body, Life Stories will be a series of Q&A chatshow-type events held with prominent figures from the worlds of sports, culture and arts in a decisive break from the traditional focus on politics.

With this in mind, Ollie & Moo were approached to create its own distinct identity, branding and look & feel to the events – less elitist gentlemen’s club and more business casual. The aim was to produce something that looks and feels thoroughly sleek, modern and professional whilst remaining unpretentious.

Ollie & Moo Creative hope that the event will become a true asset not just to the university but to Durham as a whole. For the first time in the Union’s history, events will open to members of the local community.

Work shown is a combination of concepts and final designs.